New Life Mennonite Church
To Know Christ and To Make HIM Known

Service oriented lifestyles, a heart for outreach, and foundational Biblical principles are just a few things we hold dear. Come discover these and make them your own, along with our church family.

We seek to enable all of God’s people to become mature Christians, even amidst a tumultuous world where self-centered patterns predominate. We commit to walk in faith, to live in love, and to relate to all as peacemakers. We are empowered because we see Christ expanding His Kingdom, here and now.

What an exciting journey this is! Sure, in our humanness, we falter at times. But, the beauty of the Christian way, founded in the spirit of forgiveness, enables and compels us to move ahead.

Are you ready for a new journey? Then come and see.  We look forward to meeting you in this work together at New Life Mennonite Church !